About Me

I am Jalal Alion, who was born on the 2nd of September 1980 in the city of Sardrood, which is one of the neighboring cities of Tabriz. Since 2004, it has been directly involved in agriculture and as the first and largest importer of greenhouses for greenhouses, we have imported all types of these nylons in the form of Vatan Plast Azar Company. With the continuation of work and more familiarity with the greenhouse industry in 2007, we have obtained a license to operate greenhouse structures from the Ministry of Industry and Mines and we have built several hectares of modern and semi-modern greenhouses in different cities.

Since 2008, we have noticed many problems in various crops, especially greenhouse crops in the country, the most important of which was the inefficiency of these crops. After many field studies, we realized that due to the lack of technical knowledge of fertilizer use on the one hand and the lack of modern fertilizers themselves on the other hand, agriculture in Iran is practically not cost-effective.

After a lot of research and finding reputable companies and technology owners, we proceeded to get representation from these manufacturing factories. The important point in obtaining representation from these factories was the condition of teaching how to use and efficiency of these products in different types of crops. This meant that instead of just importing the products of these companies, we became familiar with the products themselves and how they are used and efficient, and after conducting tests and using these products on a small scale, we started importing and distributing these products. .

To achieve this important (teaching how to use and efficiency of these products) I from 2009 to 2012 almost continuously and then occasionally, traveling to Spain, the Netherlands, England, USA, Turkey and… factories and units The research and development of these companies were present in these countries. I succeeded in gaining experience and technical knowledge, albeit a small one, in the field of how to use modern fertilizers and special materials (PFs) in various types of greenhouse, outdoor and garden crops.

Finally, in 2017, after conducting research on increasing plant resistance to environmental stress through nutrition and reducing the use of chemical toxins, I succeeded in obtaining a doctorate from Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey.

At present, and considering the little experience and technical knowledge that I have, I intend to provide this technical knowledge to all farmers and those involved in the field of agriculture without any expectations, so that maybe a small step in promoting the agricultural industry and increasing interest rates. Let’s look at this industry. I hope you, dear reader, will help me in this way.